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Korean EPS

The Ministry of Employment and Labor of South Korea administers the EPS-TOPIK Test (also known as KLT) to choose foreign laborers to work in Korean industrial facilities, construction sites, farms, etc. To ensure that prospective foreign employees can carry out their responsibilities in Korea effectively and can live their daily lives without experiencing any language barriers, it assesses their language abilities. They compile a list of qualified international job applicants based on their EPS-TOPIK score so that they may apply for positions and obtain the appropriate working visas (E-9).

What qualifies someone for EPS TOPIK?

Person must be between the ages of 18 and 39.
A person should not have a criminal history related to a major offense carrying a jail sentence.
A person should not have a history of being deported or leaving the Republic of Korea in accordance with a departure order, and they should not be subject to a travel ban at home.
A person must meet the criteria for eligibility established by both nations.