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Study In New Zealand


There are several reasons why you should think about coming to New Zealand for your additional study abroad. International recognition as a supplier of high-quality education exists in New Zealand. It offers a secure learning atmosphere that gives international students excellent academic options and a strong support network.


Natives of the nation are frequently referred to as “Kiwis” after the bird that can only be found there and nowhere else in the globe. The people of New Zealand are among the most amazing, caring, and hospitable you will ever encounter. A native New Zealander will treat you like a friend even if you are a stranger. They are accustomed to interacting with new people, in part because they themselves travel frequently and in part because many people travel to or study in New Zealand. The variety is higher in this tiny nation than it is in many other European nations. New Zealand’s government is more stable than governments in other nations, the cost of living is minimal, and the economy is actually incredibly steady there.


The weather in New Zealand is the best there is. The weather in New Zealand and Nepal is almost identical.

Quick Info




New Zealand Dollar


5.084 million

Time zone







268,021 Sq. KM


18 per Sq. KM

GDP Per Capital

212.5 Billion USD



Visa Process

  • Submit a college admissions application IELTS, a valid passport, academic credentials, a cover letter, and bio-data are required.


  • Offer of a Location Documentation Process


  • Healthcare Visa Request


  • Interview for a departure decision on a visa

Admission Process

  • Academic: 50% or equivalent
  • IELTS: 5.5 or Equivalent
  • Financial: 4 million +, BB & Statement
  • Academic: 50% or equivalent
  • IELTS: 6.5 or Equivalent
  • Financial: 3 million +, BB & Statement
  • Academic: 60% or equivalent,
  • IELTS: 6.5 or equivalent

Document Checklist

  • Transcripts and certificates from schools


  • Test of English language proficiency


  • Your passport serves as identification.


  • If you utilize a paper application form, you’ll need two images in addition to one photo if you apply online.


  • You might need to have a medical checkup to demonstrate your overall health.


  • Additionally, you will be needed to present a police certificate as evidence of your good conduct.


  • Cover letter or Statement of Purpose to demonstrate your sincere motivations for requesting the visa


  • Your offer of a spot from a recognized educational institution


  • Proof of Instruction If you are a fee-paying student, your education provider may offer you with proof of fees paid in the form of a letter.


  • Declare in your visa application that you agree to secure insurance beginning the day you arrive in New Zealand and continuing through the day you depart.


  • Proof of funds demonstrating that you have $15,000 NZD (for one academic year) available to support yourself while you are in New Zealand.


  • Letter of work experience, proof of employment, and, if applicable, a pay stub


  • You should send a copy of any letter you’ve received explaining why your visa application for any other nation was rejected.


  • Your application must be accompanied by a NZ$330 visa application fee.

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